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Turmeric Essential Oil Anti-Aging

Turmeric Essential Oil Anti-Aging

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Turmeric Essential Oil Anti-Aging - Facial Care Serum Improves Skin Tone in Just Rs 999 with 10 days Money Back Guarantee all Pakistan for Customer Satisfaction.



“Turn Back Time, Embrace Youthful Glow: Harness the Magic of Anti-Aging Turmeric Essential Oil!”



Can help to clean skin, lighten skin pigmentation and freckles, keep skin delicate, young and glossy. Enrich and firm facial skin, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, promote collagen regeneration and increase skin elasticity. 





1. Contains turmeric extract, olive oil, sunflower oil and other natural nutrients, mild and safe, easy for skin to absorb.

2. Effectively reduces fine lines and wrinkles, delays skin aging, and has a good effect in anti-aging.

3. Moisturize skin, enhance skin elasticity, whiten skin, brighten skin tone, repair damaged skin, make your skin smooth and delicate.

4. Effectively dilute facial wrinkles, fine lines, black spots, acne marks, etc., and help you improve facial skin condition.

Taking care of your skin is completely your responsibility! Skin Care is very Important, do ensure that your skin is compatible with this product before using it.

Before using always apply a small portion to test and make sure that your skin has no issue with the product.







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